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Today is the day. Whether you’ve been planning for weeks or had a sudden inspiration when you woke up this morning, you decided it’s time to install that wall or floor tile you always wanted. Or perhaps swap out that old bathroom tile for something more exotic. Or maybe liven up the kitchen with a colorful, new floor. We’re here to give your ideas a place to grow, to become a beautiful reality. At Long Island Tile Contractors, our world-class tile selection is fantastic, and with hundreds of styles to choose from, your dream is only a consultation away. Our friendly and helpful staff operates with the highest integrity and is always available to give you a helping hand, whether it’s with design advice, installation tips or just a second opinion.


To many, tile shopping may sound like a chore. Have you ever walked into a tile or flooring store and seen nothing but a sea of beige from one wall to the other? We promise you won’t find that here. We make your tile experience fun by working with you to simplify the process and have an unrivaled assortment of products that are often hard to find, including handcrafted tiles, and one of Long Island's largest selection of ceramic, marble, porcelain, terra cotta, granite, limestone, slate and glass tiles.

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