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Bathroom Remodeler Long Island

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Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Company

Few Long Island homeowners often see bathroom remodeling or renovation as an opportunity to express their individuality and sense of style. If you are remodeling your home, the bathroom is one room you cannot afford to overlook. Call Long Island Tile Contractors for free design ideas today. Considering how much time you spend in this room, you definitely want that space to be comfortable, functional and as good looking as possible.

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Company
Tile Contractor Long Island
Grout Cleaning Long Island

Build a new bathroom or refresh or upgrade your old bathroom.

Bathroom tile, kitchen tile , floor tile, back splash, fireplace

We specialize in tile and grout cleaning and grout re-coloring


“Ok so I drove John crazy a bit we where able to do the whole house, after sandy. Three new bathrooms that came out amazing and the entire kitchen with a major re-shaping! Very Happy!.”

Carol D. , Amityville, NY

“I don't know what I would do without John. He remodeled the whole house and maintains my apartment as well. Very easy to work with!”

Jackie B., Amity Harbor, NY

“These guys are very fast and clean, easy to work with...Very Happy!.”

Marie, Babylon, NY

Long Island

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